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Basic information about the features of the electric Opel Corsa sixth generation
29.08.2023 16:50

altAnd Opel on the wire. With the launch of the sixth generation of its best-selling Corsa, the brand is offering an all-electric version for the first time in its history with a range of 330 km.

Opel has chosen its most popular model to take the electrification process seriously. Opel Corsa (www.opelbook.ru/en/corsa) is the German brand's absolute best-seller with over 13.6 million sales since its first market introduction in 1982. Corsa has helped millions of people enjoy mobility in their lives and is now offering it without emissions. An interesting point is that the new generation electric version will be offered first for orders, even before the petrol and diesel versions of the car.

Opel (www.opelbook.ru/en) has been making cars for over 120 years and always strives to bring new tech gods to the widest possible audience, ideal for everyday use. The battery has a capacity of 50 kWh and can be quickly charged up to 80% in half an hour. The Corsa-e can be charged in several ways - via a cable connected to the car, from a standard wall charger or with a high-speed charger - as the battery comes with a full eight-year warranty.

The car has a built-in charger / on-board charger / with a capacity of 7.4 kW for single-phase charging or 11 kW for three-phase charging / a full charge takes five hours /.

The charging process can be checked using the special "myOpel" app, which allows you to optimize charging time and cost.

The mileage can be adjusted by the arrester by selecting one of the possible driving modes - Normal, Eco and Sport. In Eco Corsa mode, it significantly increases the mileage.

The Corsa-e has 100 kW / 136 hp. and offers a maximum torque of 260 Nm. This allows it to accelerate from standstill to 50 km / h in just 2.8 seconds, 100 accelerates in 8.1 seconds - the characteristics of a real sports car.

The Corsa-e looks very dynamic due to its sporty design, compact cigar size of 4.06 meters, sloping rear roof that is 48 mm lower than the previous generation, without losing headroom for passengers, the icon remains practical. five-seat model. The modern interior offers a fully digital cockpit and can be ordered with leather upholstery. The gunner's seat, for example, has been lowered by 28 mm, and the center of gravity of the machine has been lowered, which improves the dynamics and stability of the model on the road.

Elcorsa offers driver support technologies and systems that until yesterday were only available in vehicles from higher market segments. Among them are IntelliLux LED® Adaptive Matrix Headlights, which Opel is offering for the first time on the market in the small car segment. The eight LED elements are controlled by the latest generation high-resolution front camera, constantly adjusting the light output according to the driving situation and surroundings.

Thanks to the new camera, the traffic sign recognition system receives additional information, such as LED signs, and speed limits are stored in the system and also displayed on the display. Adaptive control has recently been speaker-based, and this system and side-blind spot monitoring make their first appearance in the new Corsa.

The car's new infotainment system ensures full interaction between the driver and passengers in the car. Multimedia navigation has a 7-inch touch screen, and its top-end version, Multimedia Navi Pro, even offers a 10-inch one, as well as the new Opel Connect telematics service. Features such as Live Navigation, real-time traffic information, direct connection to roadside assistance, emergency calls and more.

www.opelbook.ru/en/corsa/C_g - repair instructions for Opel Corsa C.

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