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How to keep the memory of a wedding celebration: useful tips for finding a photographer
20.08.2023 20:05

altA wedding is an unforgettable event in people's lives. To capture these moments should be entrusted to professionals who are able to convey the atmosphere, convey the feelings and emotions of people to the audience.

One of such service offerings is Alexei Wells Photography.

Features of the offer

The photographer offers the following types of work:

  1. Engagement photography, when you can capture the whole process and people's emotions.
  2. Pre-wedding shooting, creating a story in a beautiful place and a mood that determines the event.
  3. Direct filming of the wedding ceremony for traditional couples and representatives of the LGBT community.
  4. Festive dinner and entertainment events.
  5. Photos in the official style for the bride and groom, their relatives.
  6. Before starting work, the photographer communicates with people to find out the peculiarities of their character, feelings and moods, to notice the individual traits of each, so that later all this is reflected in the pictures.

During the shooting, he tries to create a relaxed atmosphere so that all people behave naturally, are not constrained and turn out well in the photos, revealing their best sides. At the same time, the author does not overload the wedding and their relatives with photographing, does not become the main figure of the ceremony, conducting the process tactfully, and taking into account all the features of the action. All photography is easy, the photographer helps the participants, does not impose his views and patterns, listens to the wishes of the groom, the bride and other people.


When shooting, a friendly, pleasant atmosphere is created, which raises the mood and makes people more relaxed. They stop posing and begin to be themselves, showing genuine feelings, expressing vivid emotions, which is then clearly visible in the finished photos.

The whole process is planned, a clear schedule is drawn up, which is subsequently followed. Filming does not interfere with the wedding ceremony and the whole holiday, being an organic part of them.

The experience of the author, his sociability, technical equipment allow you to get perfect pictures in terms of quality and creative component. Every time the photographer finds new means to show people, identify their main features, making the holiday unforgettable. Photos will be viewed with pleasure many times, throughout the entire period of marriage.

All the details and features of the shooting are discussed in advance, followed exactly.

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